Ryder's Wartortle; Panzer

Scrappy Veteran Turtle



Brawled all over Kanto
Wartortle has been around for a while, he’s faced every gymleader in the Kanto region and won. The last few years he hasn’t done a lot of training and is eager to go back on the road again.
I don’t need no evolution
Wartortle is eager to prove he doesn’t have to evolve to be the best Pokémon. He’ll always give it his all even when he should just take it down a notch.


Rapid Spin
If you succeed with style on a Forceful defense against a physicial attack, you can choose to inflict a 2-shift hit rather than take a boost.


Careful: +1
Clever: +2
Flashy: +2
Forceful: +3
Quick: +1
Sneaky: +0


This Wartortle is Ryder’s first Pokémon. They’ve been together for 14 years. Panzer pretends he does not want to evolve but is actually bummed out about it not happening yet. Panzer has a lot of scratches on his shell from all the fights he’s been in over the years

Ryder's Wartortle; Panzer

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