System modifications

Every Aspect has a type associated with it. If you have a favorable matchup the invoke’s effect is increased. The invoke grants a +3 bonus instead of +2, or it can be used to only reroll some fate dice instead of all the dice.

Making Your Trainer (standard approaches, 3 character aspects, 3 refresh and 2 stunts)

Making Your Pokemon (3 pokemon, 2 character aspects, 1 stunt)
Pokemon have their own approaches. Pokémon benefit from their trainer’s fate points.

Training And Milestones
Any improvement you can make to your character can be made to one of your pokemon instead. Gaining a new aspect or stunt is a significant event for a pokémon, likely related to learning a unique move or evolving.

Catching A Pokemon
Catching a pokémon is a use of the Overcome action. The GM should set the target number based on the pokémon’s remaining stress, rarity, and anything else that might matter. If you fail your roll by 2 or more, the pokémon gains a boost if it chooses to flee. If you fail to catch a pokémon with 3 stress, it regains 1 hit point and acts immediately.

New Pokemon
Whenever you achieve a significant milestone, you can reduce your refresh by 1 and spend your downtime training a new pokémon you have caught. You can still use a caught pokémon without properly training it, but it gains the Untrained And Wild aspect with two free compels per scene for the GM.

System modifications

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