Pan Pam's Haunter: Screwlose

Incurable Trickster



Incurable Ghastly Trickster
Screwlose spends most of his days of his unlive playing pranks on others, when ever he is out of his pokéball he’s ready to pull a prank.

What do you mean “Stop!!!”
Screwlose has no words in his dictionary for: “limits, that’s enough, that’s Dangerous” or even “Not during battle”.
He can be a threath to others aswell as him self.


Careful: +0
Clever: +2
Flashy: +1
Forceful: +1
Quick: +2
Sneaky: +3


Screwlose was once a free pokémon that haunted a broken down car.
When the car was towed to the Screapheap of the Pampona’s he decided to stick around and harass them like a good Haunter does.
Especially their son Panamero was a easy target, at least he was until that unfaithful day….
Screwlose decided to play a trick on one of the pokéballs around, but when he touched the thing he was sucked in.
Being one of the experimental pokéballs of Panamero, Screwlose was unable to escape and was caught.
imagine his surprise when Panamero opened the ball to find a Haunter in there.
Screwlose decided to stick with the boy, since it made it easier for him to prank the boy.
Panamero on the other hand did not want to set such a menace lose on the world and kept him close.
Eventually Screwlose found a way to escape the pokéball on his own and increased the amount of pranks he pulled.
As a counter reaction Panamero asked the local gymleader for help and put a seal, form a close by shrine, on Screwlose’s pokéball, up to this day the seal has to be removed before Screwlose can be called upon.

Trainer Pan Pam

Panamero Pampona

Pan Pam's Haunter: Screwlose

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