Crime Analyst on sabbatical



“Just stick to the plan”
Ryder is considered to be a great tactical mind and good at assembling a plan. His stubbornness won’t allow him to give up which sometimes gets him into trouble.
Manners of a Snorlax
Ryder does not abide any social etiquette. He likes lazying around and good food. He can actually sleep on the road.
IP Crime Analyst on sabbatical
Ryder is actually very good at his job, he sees patterns where some can see none. However he’s actually only junior level for now. He has more interest in becoming a field agent than staying a crime analyst. However his manners prevent him from getting a promotion away from his desk.


Careful: +1
Clever: +3
Flashy: +2
Forceful: +0
Quick: +2
Sneak: +1


IP Contacts
Once per session you can gather intel on a location, person or event.

Infuriating attitude
Sometimes you can really annoy people. +2 to clever rolls whenever deliberately trying to get someone angry with you.


Twinbrother of Thosha. Currently on a sabbatical from being a crime analyst at the International Police (IP) to look for his father. Actually likes to think he’d be a great field agent.


Scooter Panzer Rover


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