Pan Pam (Panamero Pampona)

Let's head out to adventure



Rookie Trainer with a Master’s Degree
Because of his overbearing mother Panamero never got to go far or long from Saffron City,
so he has little experience as a trainer.
But now that he recently got his Master’s Degree in Pokéball engineering,
his mother has agreed to let him head out.

Haunted by Tricksters
For some reason Tricksters can’t resist pulling pranks on Pan Pam,
it is as if he gives of an aura that attract these kinds of creatures.


Careful: +3
Clever: +2
Flashy: +0
Forceful: +2
Quick: +1
Sneak: +1


Sturdy Body Because he grew up helping in the family business he gets a +2 bonus to forcefully defend against physical abuse (getting beat up, things toppling over or taking a hit in place of a pokémon).

Pokéball Tinkering Once per game he can tinker with pokéballs in stock and give them a +1 bonus on capturing wild pokémon


Panamaro’s friends call him Pan Pam.
Panamero was born in Dewford Town, but when he was young his father took the entire familiy with him to open a Scrapheap in Saffron City.
While Growing up there he hang around with local hoodlums of the same age, Thosa and Ryder, to the regrets of is overbearing mother.
To prefent him going down the wrong path she stopped him from going on adventure when they did.
He was usually found at the family Screapheap to help out either when it was understaffed or when he needed some extra allowence.
In his free time he took to examinating the workings of pokéballs, this lead him to study in the subject.
These days he still tinkers around with them in his free time, though the results differ each time.

Pokémon Pan Pam

Aron.png Haunter.png
Alon Screwlose

Pan Pam (Panamero Pampona)

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