Pan Pam's Aron: Alon

A Steel Warrior with a Soft Heart



A Steel Warrior with a Soft Heart
Although Alon is a strong warrior he does not like to fight, that said he will never back away from a fight if challenged.
But under all that steel he’s just a big softy and once you earn his friendship he’ll do almost everything for you.
Although he recently started to avoid pokéball testing…..

Socially Awkward (with pokémon)
Alon will react extremely timid towards other pokémon, he causes a lot of misunderstandings during social events and can even, unintentionally start a fight with other friendly pokémon.
This makes it impossible for him to perform well in a double fight where the pokémons have to work together.


Careful: +2
Clever: +1
Flashy: +1
Forceful: +3
Quick: +2
Sneaky: +0


Alon is Panamero’s childhood friend stretching back to Dewford Town where they first met.
Back in those day’s Alon was picked on alot by the other Arons because he was so timid, during one of those times Panamero discovered the group and helped the poor Alon and they’ve been friends ever since.
The name he got because of Panameros inability to pronounce the R when he was younger and the name stuck.
He’s always been a big help to Panamero, was it during chores on the scrapheap or pokéball trials, but since a little while now he refuses to test them any further.
It was worse, after he came out of his last test pokéball he even refused to get in to his own for a while, luckily that has past now….

Trainer Pan Pam

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Pan Pam's Aron: Alon

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